Sunshine Bundle Collection


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This special bundle includes a combination of our beautiful indoor garden collections which includes one each;Teapot Handpainted Flower Planter, Teardrop or Globe Air Plant Terrarium and Lady Planter Air Plant. This bundle is a wonderful holiday gift for the gardener in your life or that special person. It’s a great way to get started with a indoor garden.

Teapot Handpainted Flower Planter
Material: Ceramic
Size: 6 3/4” w x 4”h
*Handpainted with a Beautiful Metallic Finish

Teardrop Air Plant Terrarium
Materials: Teardrop Glass Vase ; Air Plant (removable from vessel for easy watering. ; Reindeer Moss ; Seashells ; and Air Plant Care Instruction Card. This item is shipped as a kit which is very simple and fun to assemble. Use our design exactly or customize according to your creative preference.Dimensions: Each hanging teardrop terrarium measures approximately 3 w x 5.5 h inches; the opening measures 2 inches in diameter.

Glass Globe Air Plant Terrariums
Mini Glass Globe
Dimensions: Each Glass Globe terrarium measures approximately 3.15 w x 3.15 h inches; the opening measures 2 inches in diameter. The bottom is flat, allowing you to place them on a tabletop.

Lady Planter Air Plant
Material: Dried Flowers, Spanish Moss and Live Air Plant
Planter: Ceramic Lady Face, White
Size: 3” w x 3.5 h
* Please Note: Planters are based on Availability
As with all natural objects, slight natural variations will occur. Differences only add to the unique beauty and individuality of each object.


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