Air Plant Mario Glass Terrarium Kit


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This Air Plant Terrarium is a unique and beautiful piece and makes a great gift for friends, loved ones, or to gift to yourself! Bring nature indoors with your very own air plant terrarium! This organic arrangement will surely liven up your home by adding a spark of nature’s beauty and a splash of vibrant color. A great way to start a indoor garden.

What You Will Receive:
Materials: Glass Mario Vase ; Air Plant (removable from vessel for easy watering. ; Reindeer Moss ; Seashells ; Sand ; and Air Plant Care Instruction Card. This item is shipped as a kit which is very simple and fun to assemble. Use our design exactly or customize according to your creative preference.

Dimensions: The Glass Vase Vessel measures approximately 4” in diameter and 7” Tall.

The air plant or tillandsia lives within its home without soil and is removable. Air plants are very low maintenance; they require only water, indirect light and a sprinkle of love to flourish.

Please Note:
As with all natural objects, slight natural variations will occur. Differences only add to the unique beauty and individuality of each object.


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