Air Plant Glass Terrarium Kit


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Air Plant Glass Vase DIY Terrarium Kit

Your custom order kit will include:

• 1 carefully selected healthy Air Plant and Glass Vase
• 1 packet : Seashells, Rocks,
• 1 packet of sand (Brown, White, Teal blue, Dark Blue , Orange and more)
• Directions for keeping your plant happy and thriving

Great gift idea! A wonderful way to create a mini indoor garden look for any room or style in your home. Something nice to display in your office space. So easy to create and you will have something beautiful.

So easy to care for...
Beautifully alive, yet low-maintenance, air plants don’t require soil. They need only indirect sunlight and a quick water bath (10-15 min.) once a week

Size: Small Glass Vase

3.5” Length x 4.5” Top Opening

*Please Note: Air Plants (Based on Availability)

*Contact me for customize orders


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