Here are some of our favorite tips to help your lawn and garden survive the cold.

1. Keep watering and mowing your lawn.

2. Fill in bare patches, control weeds, and fertilize. If you kill weeds now they won’t regrow in spring.

3. Prune, mulch, and transplant your perennials to protect them from the cold weather. Now is the time to transplant plants. Mulch! Mulch! around all of your perennials to insulate and protect plant roots.

4. Clean up any annuals. Once the annuals are done producing leaves and flowers, remove them from your garden bed. Annuals don’t last over the winter.

5. Protect your potted plants. Insulate your potted plants to help protect roots from cold. You can wrap the pot itself in a blanket, bury pot in soil up to the top of container.